Ramkor’s NAFKOR™ Door Cores are perfect for LEED certified projects – NAF stands for “No Added Formaldehyde” (this covers NAUF, which stands for “No Added Urea Formaldehyde”).

NAFKOR™ is an Agri-fiber board made using formaldehyde free adhesive. NAFKOR™ can also be used as a core material for 20mins FR doors for ASTM (American Standards) where LEED certification is a requirement.economically processed using a by-product from an ecologically friendly grown crop (grown using hardly any chemical fertilizers or pesticides) ensuring the continued life of a natural resource.  The production process is also ecologically friendly as the fibres do not need to be strengthened before processing so rinsing (which causes water pollution) is not required.

NAFKOR’s production is 100% wood free so no trees are felled in the production of this product.  The unique properties of NAFKOR™ include its lightweight, optimal stability, natural fire resistance, high insulation & dB values and homogeneous quality.


ASTM Listing Report:

20 min Fire Door





Product Description

NAFKOR™ is an Agri-fiber board made using formaldehyde free adhesive. It can be used as a core material where LEED certification is a requirement and also for 20 mins FR doors to ASTM(American Standards)

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